2010-2011 Tuition and Extended care

At LOMS we understand that many families have schedules that don't fit with traditional daytime care and schooling arrangements. To help, we are committed to providing our families with the flexibility they need to accomodate their busy lives. While our standard schedules and rates are below, please let us know of any special needs you have. We will be happy to work with you to design a custom schedule tailored to work with such arrangements as varying hours, days of the week and even after care for elementary school aged students attending neighboring Bryant Elementary.

Enrollment Materials

The enrollment and general
information forms are available in
two commonly used formats.
Please select a set in the format
you prefer and bring the completed
forms with you prior to your child's
start date.
Adobe PDF(r)
Microsoft Word(r)

Holiday Childcare

During some holidays/school closures during the year, childcare is available at the rate of $4.00/hr with a six hour minimum. This is not included in the tuition or extended care; this is a separate cost. Please sign up in advance, as spaces are often limited. Please plan on paying any childcare fees in advance or at the beginning of the day. The teachers are working during their holiday to make it convenient for working parents.

Annual Tuition Note:

Winter Break and Federal Holidays have already been factored in and deducted from your child's normal tuition rate.