Children playing on merry go round

Lunches and Snacks

Please send along a lunch that will work for your child. We provide snacks. Snacks shall be fruit, or an occasional cookie or popsicle in the summer. Milk is served during all snack times. We attempt to keep sugar food to a minimum. To comply with regulations, it is requested that parents send store-bought cupcakes if they would like to celebrate their child's birthday. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies. We can take the necessary precautions if we are aware of the allergy.

Discipline Philosophy and Policy

Our maximum consequence used is timeout. Maximum timeout consists of 1 minute per age year of the child, and only used when necessary.

Our staff uses the theory that all children make mistakes and that is actually what it is: a mistake. We explain to the child what was not right and how to make it right. We tell them "when everything is right, then everyone is happy." We guide our children into being kind to one another. Our children are never bad; they are little children just trying to find their way in life just like you and me. Some days our children just need a little extra love. Sometimes we need to listen to them and sometimes they are just not old enough to explain. We sincerely try to evaluate each situation.

We want to help them to always tell the truth so they feel better about themselves. To the children we are The Wizard; we can give them heart, courage and brain, or we can take it away. We are very careful how we speak to the children.

We believe our children are happy, good and kind. Please observe our wonderful little children at work or play. We believe our children are developing an "inner discipline."

Student Records

The following policies are in accordance with the Oregon Department of Education regarding student records, access and transfer of records.